The Wonders of God All Around Us

When you open this, I will just be returning from a Civil Rights Tour I am helping lead, so I will not have the space to offer something new this week.  It is that time of year when where I live you can see evidence of Jesus’ words all around us.  Indeed, last summer in the midst of the pandemic when my heart was especially heavy, I can recall sitting on my screened in porch talking with friends on a zoom call and looking up and saying, “But at least the garden is still growing.” Indeed, what gift it is to be able to see the power of God all around us just when we need it most.

Below you will find links to where I was led in other years.  I hope you might find something here to accompany you in the days to come:

He Does Not Know How: Scattering Seeds in the Kingdom of God

The Reign of God: Something New Under the Sun

On Volunteer Tomatoes and the Kingdom of God…


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