Month: March 2016

Belief and Doubt and Forgiveness of Sins

John 20:19-31 It came across my news feed this week. A young friend from another time and place is in distress. I would not venture to offer the multiple causes of her worry, however there was this. An older friend suggested she might think about coming back to church for the support of God’s people …

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The Donkey: A Subversive Choice?

Luke 19:28-40 I have written of the colt — or donkey — which Jesus rode into Jerusalem in this space before. You can find my thoughts here at: Humble and Mounted on a Donkey. As you can tell from the title, my thoughts a few years ago focused on Jesus’ humility as he rode into Jerusalem. …

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The Anointing

John 12:1-8 It was some years ago now that I went to call on a man who was in his last hours of hospice care. I made my way in through the side door into the kitchen for his hospital bed was blocking the front entry. When I entered I found his wife of 60 …

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